The internet is turning British politicians into rock stars with disturbing results

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We’ve all read about politicians who are said to have a ‘rock star’ aura, that vanishingly small number of colourful, larger-than-life, charismatic figures who’re able to hold enrapt festival-size crowds in the palms of their hands even as they talk about ways to jumpstart the economy, or repair trade deficits, or tackle crime, or perhaps confess to shamelessly channeling millions and millions of taxpayers’ money into firms owned by their mates in the middle of a global pandemic, if one could imagine such a crazy and entirely fictional scenario.

Well, it seems that the idea of rock star politicians has struck a chord, for when posters on the boards were challenged by, er, ‘God’ to “Make everything Rock’, a number of enterprising users took the opportunity to mash up the worlds of politics and rock ’n’ roll, resulting in images we may never be able to scrub from our minds. Would you cast a vote for BoJovi or Kurt Corbyn and trust them with your children’s future? Perhaps not, but credit to everyone below who’s presented these hellish visions of an alternate reality where rock stars rule the world... or Westminster, at least.



BoJovi: British Prime Minister, and Conservative Party leader, Boris Johnson as Jon Bon Jovi (Image credit:

Kurt Corbyn

Kurt Corbyn: Former Labour Party leader, and Member of Parliament for Islington North, Jeremy Corbyn as Kurt Cobain (Image credit:

Kiert Bush

Kiert Bush: Labour Party leader, and Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer as Kate Bush (Image credit:

Jacob Slash

Leader of the House of Commons and Conservative Party MP Jacob Rees-Mogg as Slash (Image credit:


Former British Prime Minister, and Conservative Party MP for Maidenhead, Theresa May as Courtney Love (Image credit:

Bon Govi

Bon Govi: Minister for the Cabinet Office and Conservative Party MP for Surrey Heath, Michael Gove as Jon Bon Jovi (Image credit:

Dead Ringers

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove as Meatloaf and Ellen Foley (Image credit:

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