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The Hell vs Nickelback

Yesterday the rowdy Watford punks The Hell won the internet with their cover of Nickelback's How You Remind Me.

Dedicated to their recently deceased dog Tulisa, The Hell have released this cover version of Nickelback’s breakthrough record How You Remind Me. Of course this being The Hell, there are some ahem… subtle differences in the lyrics.

But now it seems Nickelback have seen the video and aren’t best pleased - as their Twitter account allegedly stated. Although it appears the tweet has now been deleted, The Hell took a screengrab and posted it on their Facebook for all to see.

We’ve got to say though, Nickelback and The Hell aren’t the most likely bands to ‘have beef’ and there isn’t any actual proof that the tweet reply is real - and it is The Hell after all, who love a bit of trolling… But we’ll have to wait for Nickelback’s cover of Bangers & Mosh to find out…

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