Testament to hit studio after Slayer tour

Thrash veterans Testament say only the prospect of their upcoming tour with Slayer and Carcass has kept them out of the studio.

Guitarist Eric Peterson insists the band would be recording the follow-up to 2012’s acclaimed Dark Roots Of Earth album if it wasn’t for the mouthwatering prospect of the live dates.

Drummer Gene Hoglan is set to return for the album. Hoglan has been working with Death and Dark Angel, with his place with Testament being filled by Alex Bent.

The Slayer/Testament/Carcass trek launches on February 19 in Chicago and sees the three bands touring the States for five weeks, climaxing with a show in Las Vegas.

Peterson, the band’s sole remaining original member, tells Dean Guitars: “Right after the tour we’re getting in the studio and we’re gonna be doing the new record.

“Basically, we would be going into the studio if it wasn’t for the fact that Slayer asked us to do a tour.

“When we got the offer, we were like ‘Slayer…’ And then I saw Carcass mentioned and I was like, ‘Oh my God. That’s killer - maybe the record could wait a couple more months.”

On the upcoming record, Peterson, who formed Testament in 1983 adds: “Every song’s thrash, or at least there’s a thrash speed in them. It’s gonna be a lot quicker and a lot more melodic. It’s a lot more like Mercyful Fate kind of influences and stuff like that.”