Tate plans to disappear


Former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate is planning to "disappear" when his last tour using the band name is over.

He recently made an out-of-court settlement with his former colleagues, who fired him in 2012 following a series of disagreements and violent episodes.

Under the terms of the deal, they’ll keep the name for good, while he’ll be allowed to call himself “the original lead singer of Queensryche” for two more years. In return, he gets exclusive rights to perform their two Operation Mindcrime albums live.

He’s continuing to use the name until his current live schedule is completed. The band featuring Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield will have exclusive use of it from September 1.

Tate tells CJAM-FM: “It feels great, actually – really good. We never went to court; we managed to come to an agreement.

“So now, after two years, I know what I’m doing in the future, which is a great feeling. It’s very unnerving not to be able to put a plan together, at least for me, because I’m pretty goal-oriented.”

He’s promised to update fans about future developments in due course. But he currently has just one thing on his schedule.

“The farewell tour ends July 30 or 31. I’m pretty much going to disappear for a while, I think. I’m going to do some travelling. Going to go to Europe for a while. Pretty much that’s what’s on my plate at the moment.”

Geoff Tate interview