Tasty metal riffs and mood-boosting affirmations? It's a good day to look after your me(n)tal health

Metal musician 2SICH screams and plays guitar
(Image credit: 2SICH)

At a time when doom and gloom seem like mankind's default state of existence right now, life sometimes calls for something a bit more warm and fuzzy. Throw a bit of metal into the mix, too? Now you're talking.

With that in mind, today's slice of internet silliness combines both metal of sizeable heft and something that'll leave you with a corny grin plastered all over your face. 

Introducing "Positive affirmations for your me(n)tal health": a short skit of skull-rattling hardcore metal riffing accompanied by life-affirming mantras all delivered through crushing, metal screams.

Created by YouTube musician 2SICH, the video features a medley of confidence-boosting phrases such as "Oh my god, you're looking so good today", "you have a wonderful haircut", "you are loved", "your mistakes do not define you", "you are great", and much more.

And honestly, if you're going to practice self-care, and feel a bit silly delivering affirmations whilst staring at yourself in the mirror, we don't think there's a better way to do it than listening to a very talented metal musician scream them into your eardrums. So remember, you are loved, you are great, and when things aren't going so well, metal is usually the best antidote. Watch below:

Liz Scarlett

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