Talk Talk producer Tim Friese-Green unveils new music project Short-Haired Domestic

Short-Haired Domestic
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Former Talk Talk producer and Heligoland member Tim Friese-Green has launched a new music venture with wife and former member of RiotGrrl band Sidi Bou Said Lee Friese-Green. They've just released brand new double-A sided single A song in Latin... A song in Hindi.

"I was interested in a kind of heavy slowed-down funk, with quite a lot of abstract noise, and generally embracing dirtiness and imperfection," says Friese Green. "I had the idea around 2017 to make a slow funk album, but didn't want to get bogged down in drummers or drum programming, so I picked nine breakbeat loops off some 90s DJ vinyl that I had knocking about. At about the same time, Lee and I were taking Italian lessons and I was struck with how readily she adopted the nuances of the language."

A song in Latin... A song in Hindi is the first preview of the duo's eponymous album, to be released this summer. Each track features vocals sung in a different language.

"I am about the least bilingual person I know, but seem to be ok at mimicry, says Lee Friese-Greene, who called in favours from friends to translate her words and help her with pronunciation.

"Her gift for mimicry is what got me thinking about the possibility of using a separate language for each song," adds Tim. "As well as utilising her skillset to the max, this would probably take her out of her comfort zone, creating different and unexpected possibilities."

A song in Latin... A song in Hindi will be released digitally on June 5 and features the following tracks; A Song In Latin About The Importance Of Comfortable Shoes and A Song In Hindi For Insomniacs.

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