Supertramp guitarist issues Alone

Supertramp guitarist Carl Verheyen has just released his second acoustic solo album, Alone, via Cranktone Entertainment.

The follow-up to 2014’s Mustang Run – and companion to 2001’s Solo Guitar Improvisations – sees Verheyen mixing original compositions with songs by The Beatles_ (All You Need Is Love, Norwegian Wood_ and In My Life), Peter Gabriel (Mercy Street), Pat Metheny (Last Train Home), Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) and Mark Knopfler (Going Home: Theme Of The Local Hero).

Verheyen says he chose his cover tunes carefully for this project.

He adds: “Most of the material on this album is covers of songs I like. Three John Lennon tunes form a little suite in the middle of the set. I recorded some jazz standards, a Peter Gabriel song, a few originals, a movie theme and a Pat Metheny tune.

“My goal is simple: I only cover a song by another composer if I feel I have something new to say about it. A good musician makes music sound different and the object is to make the standards your own.”

The Supertramp guitarist became inspired to create Alone while making music on his own.

He says: “This record is the result of many hours alone with an acoustic guitar, improvising on the harmony and the spirit these songs imply. Some are arrangements I’ve had for years, others, like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road are improvised right in the moment.

“If you play my last CD Mustang Run in the morning to get your day fired up, play this one in the evening when you want to wind it down.”


1. Last Train Home

2. Mercy Street

3. Darn That Dream

4. The Gentle Rain

5. Good Morning Judge

6. All You Need Is Love

7. Norwegian Wood

8. In My Life

9. Nordenham

10. Wheels

11. Going Home: Theme Of The Local Hero

12. Last Days Of Autumn

13. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

14. Over The Rainbow