Stuck Mojo split with Bonz again


Stuck Mojo have parted ways with frontman Bonz and bassist Corey Lowery, says drummer Frank Fontsere.

And he’s vowed that their seventh album, featuring new members who haven’t yet been identified, will silence any doubters.

The rap metal pioneers reunited with Bonz in 2014, after firing him for the second time in 2006. Guitarist Rich Ward said last year that an album was on the cards, adding: “Bonz is doing great, he looks great, we get along great – he seems like he’s dealt with all his demons.”

Now Fontsere – also a member of Fozzy, alongside Ward – tells Talk Toomey: “The reunion was great. But it was one of those things. Not to go into too much detail, we’re going to continue on. But it’s going to be me, Rich, and two other guys.”

He says of the album: “The responses from people whose opinions we respect are like, ‘Oh my God – this is amazing!’

“If anybody hears, ‘Stuck Mojo put out a new record, but it’s not with the guys I wanted, so it can’t be any good,’ well, they’ll get a surprise when they hear it. This album is not fooling around.”

The band are in the process of securing a record deal for the follow-up to 2008’s The Great Revival.