Steel Panther call out Chili Peppers and Fozzy

Steel Panther’s Michael Starr has challenged Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis to a sing-off and says he’s ready to “beat the shit out of” Fozzy mainman Chris Jericho.

Starr called out Kiedis when it was suggested the latter would be angry that the Steel Panther man revealed the location of the bridge in Chilis’ track Under The Bridge – and likened the title to a sexual act.

He tells Music Feeds: “It’s called the LA Bridge. That is actually the bridge that Anthony sang about. It’s totally true – it’s right off Hollywood Studio City.”

Speaking openly to Kiedis, he adds: “Come after me, man. I’m ready. I’ll meet you under the bridge, bro. You and me. It’s a sing-off. Anthony isn’t a professional singer so I’m down for a sing-off.”

He was then told that Fozzy frontman and professional wrestler Chris Jericho had told Music Feeds that Starr had never heard Metallica’s Black album.

Starr responded: “Chris Jericho’s just jealous. After my sing-off, I’m going to beat the shit out of Chris Jericho in front of all his fucking stupid friends.

“Check the guns out, bro. I’ve been working out, eating chicken like you. You’re old, dude. I’ll kick you in the fucking knees and take you out.”

Starr also hit out at Kanye West earlier this month following an incident at the Grammy Awards, when the rapper interrupted Beck’s Album Of The Year acceptance speech. Panther posted a song about him on Facebook.

The band will tour the UK next month, taking in seven dates across the county:

Mar 06: Manchester O2 Apollo

Mar 06: Manchester O2 Apollo

Mar 09: Glasgow O2 Academy

Mar 10: Newcastle O2 Academy

Mar 12: Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Mar 13: Leicester O2 Academy

Mar 14: London Wembley SSE Arena