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Spider One: Zombie guest spot was surprise

Powerman 5000 frontman Spider One was taken by surprise when big brother Rob Zombie invited him onstage in Germany last week – and his only regret is that it won't happen again at Download.

Spider was delighted to help his sibling deliver a rendition of Thunder Kiss 65. He tells TeamRock Radio: “He just looked at me and said, ‘You remember the words? Come on.’ I jumped up there and did it. It was completely unplanned and the greatest moment.

“Tonight I can’t promise anything – I don’t think i’m even going to be able to stay for Rob, because we’re travelling. Unless he jumps on stage for one of our songs, I can’t promise anything. But you never know.”

Incredibly, today’s Download set is Powerman 5000’s first time in the UK for almost 15 years Spider says: “The Pantera tour around 2000 was the last time we were in Europe.

“For whatever reason, Europe has been eluding us all this time – which is insane. Now we’re back here, we’re all kicking ourselves, like, ‘Why haven’t we just been here all the time?’

“To come back like this is the best, doing these festivals.”

Powerman 5000 interview

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