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Soundgarden photobook set for release

A book charting Soundgarden’s comeback between 2010 and 2013 through photographs, art and interviews will be released next month, it’s been confirmed.

Limited to 1000 copies, Photofantasm: Soundgarden – Nudedragons To King Animal contains more than 1000 photographs and features contributions from fans, artists, musicians, photographers and writers and spans 592 pages.

Authors Jaye and Mike English say: “It took passion and several years to collaborate with fans and artists around the world to create Photofantasm and have it remain authentic.

“We’re happy we made history together and proud to give back. We thank everyone who contributed.”

A section of the book has been dedicated to the memory of Soundgarden fan Tiffany Patterson Gross who died of cancer in 2013. Proceeds from sales of the book will go towards charity the Canary Foundation.

Photofantasm: Soundgarden – Nudedragons To King Animal will be launched on June 16 via Spoondog Entertainment Group LLC. Pre-orders are now open.

In March, the band’s Kim Thayill said Soundgarden would keep an open mind on the follow-up to 2012’s King Animal. They’ll play the Big Music Fest in Kitchener, Canada on July 11.