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Soundgarden are underrated says Cornell

Chris Cornell has argued that Soundgarden have spent their career being underrated – even if it does make him sound arrogant.

The band returned with King Animal in 2012 after a 13-year hiatus. They’re currently working on what will be their seventh studio album, and the frontman last month reported they were making “serious headway” in the studio.

Now Cornell tells Status magazine: “I could say that, maybe on some levels, Soundgarden is underrated.

“If I could say all the arrogant things about my band, I think that out of all the rock bands that came out in the same era, we’re one of the most experimental.”

He adds: “I could say that we were the most varied in our songwriting. I think we were way more adventurous from one album to the next.”

Cornell released fourth solo album Higher Truth last month.

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