Soto tease Inside The Vertigo


Soto have released an audio teaser for their upcoming album.

The group, led by former Journey frontman Jeff Scott Soto, release Inside The Vertigo on January 29 via earMusic and they’ve issued a seven-minute clip showcasing all 12 tracks ahead of its launch. Hear it below.

The vocalist previously said he was originally planning to release the new material as a solo album but had a change of heart when recording started.

He said: “Inside The Vertigo was supposed to be my next solo album and I decided it sounded too much like a band, more so than a solo effort.

“So we simplified it by taking my last name as has been done through history with Van Halen, with Daughtry, with Dio, Dokken, Winger – so many other bands that used one person’s name.”

The album is now available to pre-order.

Inside The Vertigo tracklist

  1. Final Say 2. The Fall 3. Wrath 4. Break 5. Narcissistically Yours 6. End Of Days 7. Inside The Vertigo 8. When I’m Older 9. Trance 10. Jealousy 11. Karma’s Kiss 12. Fall To Pieces