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Soil escape injury in tour bus crash

Soil escaped serious injury when their tour bus was involved in a crash.

According to singer Ryan McCombs, all that was damaged in the incident near Des Moines, Iowa, was the band and crew’s pride after the tour manager started “screaming like a 12-year-old girl at a Justin Beiber concert.”

The crash happened at 4.30am after Soil’s show in the state’s capital on Sunday.

McCombs says on Facebook: “I find it interesting that as everyone sits around the stranded bus talking about what was going through their heads, all I can remember is gripping my pillow like it was going to save me from whatever was about to occur and thinking, ‘Huh.’

“No serious injuries. Just a bus full of arseholes that for the most part are happy to be alive and now just making fun of each other for their responses. We really are a bunch of fuckwads.”

McCombs suffered a stroke in his sleep last year and recovered in hospital after his girlfriend called for help.