Soap in the likeness of black metal stars is the best thing you'll see today

King Diamond in soap form
(Image credit: CorpsePaintSoaps)

Camay. Pears. Palmolive. Irish Spring. These are decent soaps, but they all have one major flaw in common: they're just not very metal, are they?

Well, thanks to one visionary internet entrepreneur, the days of civilian soap are over. Online Etsy shop CorpsePaintSoaps has released a series of soaps in the likeness of the world's favourite black metal stars and it's safe to say we're borderline obsessed. If you need more convincing about their metal credentials, the shop has been endorsed by one Dani Filth himself. 

The soaps come available in King Ov Hell, Seregor, King Diamond, Dani Filth, Hubbath (as well as a Heart-Eyed Hubbath design, because why not), Euronymous, Dead and Abbath designs. Mayhem and King Ov Bath sets are available. There are also suitably kvlt pentagram soap dishes on which to display your pieces, lest anyone assume you simply have a penchant for weird-looking pandas. 

You could say these soaps are perfect for when you're taking a-bath... 

We'll get our coats. 

Browse the full range on CorpsePaintShops or check out some of the designs in the gallery below. 

Briony Edwards

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