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Slipknot receive pop-punk makeover and it kinda works

(Image credit: Alexandria Crahan Conway/Roadrunner Records)

Ever wondered what Slipknot would sound like if Clown, Corey Taylor and Mick Thomson had been raised on a steady diet of Blink 182, New Found Glory and Descendents, rather than death metal, Ministry, Kiss and snuff videos? Well, wonder no longer, for enterprising YouTuber SugarPillCovers has done the heavy lifting for us all, re-working Sulfur from the ‘Knot’s fourth album All Hope Is Gone in a pop-punk style. 

There’s some waffle on his page outlining an alternate version of Slipknot history which inspired this unexpected musical diversion, but frankly it’s not that funny, and our time on this cursed planet is short, so we’ll just jump straight to the music, shall we? We shall.