"Let it be known that any unsolicited contact from ANY person claiming to be a member of the collective should be disregarded." People have been scamming Sleep Token fans by pretending to be in the band, and Sleep Token are not happy about it

Sleep Token on stage in 2023
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If you know much about Sleep Token, the super-viral masked metallers who have exploded in popularity this year, you'll likely know that they prefer to play things a little close to the chest. Led by the mysterious Vessel, the collective are yet to reveal their identities, having only ever given a solitary interview so far, to Metal Hammer in 2017. Their anonymity is something their fans have fiercely protected, but it has also, apparently, left them prone to scammers and tricksters who have attempted to take advantage of their loyal followers.

In a statement posted to their Instagram stories, Sleep Token have revealed that a number of people have been posing as members of the band and getting in touch with their fanbase. Needless to say, Sleep Token aren't very impressed by it.

"Followers, it has been brought to our attention that a number of unscrupulous individuals have been masquerading as members of the Sleep Token collective, in order to exploit members of our extended community," the statement read.

"Let it be known that any unsolicited contact from ANY person claiming to be a member of the collective should be disregarded, and their profile reported to the relevant administration. We thank you for your understanding."

So, to be absolutely clear: if you receive a message on social media from someone claiming to be a member of Sleep Token, they almost certainly are not in Sleep Token. 

See the statement itself below.

Sleep Token's statement

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Earlier this year, Sleep Token confirmed their status as the hottest metal band of 2023 by selling out the legendary, 10,000+-capacity Wembley Arena in less than ten minutes. It put the cherry on top of an incredible year so far for the band, who also went viral on TikTok thanks to their unique mixture of riff-heavy tech metal and smooth r'n'b' hooks, and released their latest studio album, Take Me Back To Eden, to critical acclaim. The band headline Wembley on Saturday, December 16.

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