Slaughter To Prevail: “Our Earth is like a jail and we need to move forward”

Slaughter To Prevail

Slaughter To Prevail have released a video of frontman Alex Shikolai discussing the meaning of the band’s new album Misery Sermon, and that it represents “the truth.”

He reveals that the album has been in the making for two or three years, with the band putting all of their hate and misery into it.

“I see only fucking hate everywhere,” he continues. “Our Earth is like a jail and we need to move forward.

“We need to look in the mirror and see all the shit in us.”

Alex goes on to discuss how his teenage drug problem gave him a new appreciation of life, previously in “a fog” so he was unable to see the truth. But when you understand that death is a part of life, and that you have to live for something, everything changed.

In the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Alex reveals what it was like growing up as a metal fan in Russia. “As far as metal goes, good music only began to appear here about 10 years ago, when the rest of the world got it 30 years ago!

“The other problem in Russia is that we have a church that hates metal music and believes that it’s all Satanic. Many metal shows are cancelled because they judge people who say, ‘God does not exist!’ It’s insane, you know what I mean?”

Slaughter To Prevail’s new album Misery Sermon is out now, via Sumerian Records. Order it now from Amazon or download it from iTunes.

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