Slash: I don't see this as a solo project


Slash says his work with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators is less like a solo project and more akin to a 'band situation'.

The guitar icon released his first solo effort in 2010, with different singers taking vocal responsibility on the self-titled album’s various tracks.

He was most impressed with Alter Bridge frontman Kennedy’s contribution and roped him in for touring before enlisting him as his full-time singer.

And the pair have formed a close working relationship which Slash says makes for a true band atmosphere.

He tells Chitarre: “It’s definitely more of a band situation, and how it relates to me as a solo artist is only just that I present the music and I run the band. But even then, we all do what we want, we all have the same goals and the same desires as far as working together and what the band should be doing and all that kind of stuff.

“So more than anything, I just deal with the mundane, busy work that needs to get done. I present the music to Myles and Myles writes the lyrics, so we have a little bit of a partnership that way.”

Slash With Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators release new album World On Fire through a Classic Rock magazine fanpack on September 15.