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Sign up to Tidal's HiFi streaming service today and pay just £4/$4 a month for the next 4 months

Tidal HiFi deal
(Image credit: Tidal)

While pulling a viny record from its sleeve and spinning it on a sleek new turntable can be an enriching experience, there’s nothing quite like the convenience of music streaming.

Streaming is a great way to discover new music, and it’s also the ideal medium for when you want to play tunes through your headphones when out and about on your daily exercise.

If you're yet to sign up to any streaming service, or you're looking for better audio quality and a better deal than you're currently experiencing, right now high-end streaming service Tidal is offering music fans an amazing discount on its subscription services. Currently you can wrap your ears round Tidal Premium or HiFi for four months at a cost of just £/$4 per month.

Tidal's Premium service matches Spotify's Premium price and offers music at the same bitrate, while Tidal HiFi offers "lossless high fidelity" sound using FLAC. In other words, the music sounds incredible, just as the artist intended. With that in mind, we can't see why anyone would go for Premium when HiFi is on offer for the same price!

Tidal Premium is usually £/$9.99 a month (or £/$19.99 for HiFi), so this is a great chance to sample a premium streaming service at an absolute bargain price.

Tidal HiFi: £/$19.99 a month, £/$4 a month for 4 months
Here's your chance to experience high-end, hi-res audio at a very affordable price. For just £/$4 a month you can load up on all the 24-bit/96kHz rock and metal – and everything else – you can fit into your ears!View Deal

Tidal boasts a massive collection of music, including all the same rock and metal artists you'll find elsewhere, along with some face-melting rock and metal playlists. And, if you choose HiFi, it's at a higher quality than their cheaper competitors. 

If the rock and metal playlists don't quite hit the spot, you can always create your very own playlists to suit your mood. Time to get creative with that sweet-sounding audio... and make sure you turn it up to 11!

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