Sepultura reunion would be bad for band says Max


Former Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera has accepted a classic lineup reunion won’t take place – and says he’s happy to leave it in the past.

He left the band acrimoniously in 1996, followed by brother Igor ten years later, although the drummer last month said he hoped to get back together “in a very cool way.”

Now the Cavelera Conspiracy leader tells Andrew Haug: “I was surprised by that comment from Igor – I don’t see it happening myself, unfortunately.

“I thought the topic kind of died out. I lost all hope for it. I don’t see it happening, because of how our lives are and how those guys’ lives are. It’s a pretty different world.

“The magic is gone, and I don’t think a reunion would be the best thing for Sepultura. I prefer it to stay like this and leave the memory.”

Cavalera Conspiracy released third album Pandemonium last month, describing it as their “heaviest work” ever.