Sepultura keeping the spirit alive after 30 years

Sepultura’s recent 30th anniversary show in Moscow is featured in an extended video report by Russia’s Classic Rock magazine.

Footage from one of 17 dates performed by the Brazilian thrash legends in the country in the past month is rounded out with an interview featuring guitarist Andreas Kisser, who spoke about the band’s longevity.

Kisser says: “Sepultura have so many different versions of Sepultura in everybody’s mind. Some people like the old stuff some people like the new stuff. That’s what makes Sepultura so special and so great.

“We are just following in our steps and really growing as a band and keeping the Sepultura spirit alive. Working with different musicians from orchestras to percussive groups to Brazilian artists. Just building new bridges and opening new doors. It feels great after 30 years having these opportunities still flowing.”

The guitarist also discussed the legacy of the band’s split with co-founders Max and Igor Cavalera, who left the outfit in 1996 and 2006 respectively.

Kisser says: “It’s their problem you know. The conflict is more from Max’s side than our side. He chose to leave the band a long time ago. He took all the management. He took all the trust from the label. We took 10 years to build something with Roadrunner and he took everything for himself.

“We had to rebuild everything. And here we are, celebrating 30 years with amazing momentum from the band. We have a very strong lineup, we’re still travelling the world, still doing great festivals..enjoying life. If people have conflict, it’s their problem.”

Last year, Igor revealed that he hoped that the classic Sepultura lineup would reunite at some point, with Max saying he was content to leave the band in his past while focusing his energies on Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed.

On June 5, Sepultura will release a limited-edition seven-inch single to mark the anniversary. Under My Skin will feature artwork of fan tattoos on its cover, with a live version of Kairos on the b-side. The single will be issued on black, yellow and green vinyl, with only 200 copies of each version being pressed. It can be pre-ordered via Nuclear Blast’s online store.