Science suggests that Lisbon is apparently the best place in the world for metalheads

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The live music scene is back and fans are swarming to venue doors to experience the adrenaline of being sandwiched in excitable crowds and moshing to ear-splitting metal, all while listening to their favourite artists.

In the wake of the live sector's return, comparison site Money conducted new research to find out the best cities to hear certain genres. And according to the study, it turns out Lisbon is the best place to listen to metal music in the world.

The research, which analysed a total of 30 musical cities to find out which place is the best for each live music genre, showed that out of all of Lisbon's upcoming concerts, 14.1% of booked acts belonged to the metal community. Although that might not seem like a high percentage, it ranked above all other cities, who favoured genres such as pop, rock, indie and alternative, among others.

Elsewhere in the study, it showed that with almost a quarter of their current live scene being made up of touring rock artists, Liverpool took the gold for rock'n'roll with a staggering 24.7%. Of course, that's not hugely surprising, as the city is home to The Beatles, arguably one of the most famous rock bands in history.

Other general insights about the live industry concluded that London is the best city in the world for attending concerts, hosting the highest number of upcoming gigs (5,088) and the second highest number of music venues (207). 

While LA, United States, ranked at the top position for the highest number of music venues (240).

To read more live industry statistics, visit Money.

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