"Bimbos do not care about math but they do care a lot about human rights and politics." The convention-defying Scene Queen explains the rules of 'Bimbocore'

Scene Queen in 2023
(Image credit: Paige Margulies)

Scene Queen is something of a revelation for the world of heavy metal right now. Mixing crunching breakdowns and big riffs with sugar-sweet hooks and sparkly choruses, she's the one-woman revolution behind the movement known as 'Bimbocore', inviting women to embrace both their metal leanings and their 'pop princess' side. 

In the latest issue of Metal Hammer, writer Yasmine Summan asks Scene Queen - real name Hannah Collins - to walk us through the rules of being a Bimbo metalhead, and the singer/songwriter was only to happy to educate us.

“Bimbos do not care about math but they do care a lot about human rights and politics – that’s important," Collins explains. "Bimbos dress however the hell they want but, ideally, they dress insanely extra. Bimbo rules are quite literally to do and say anything as long as it’s beneficial to your mental health and the greater good of society. I feel like glitter and rhinestones are extremely necessary to my project. It’s OK to be materialistic. Honestly, we’re all slaves to capitalism anyway, so you’re allowed to like to spend money egregiously if you feel the need to. Get a sugar daddy if you want one - you can be a girl boss and a sugar baby at the same time.”

That explains that, then! Collins is also asked, as a huge fan of Barbie dolls growing up, what she would have written if invited to contribute a song to this year's box office-exploding Barbie soundtrack.

“Oh, well, I mean it already happened!" she answers. "They have Nicki Minaj on it [with Barbie World, Minaj's collaboration with Ice Spice that samples Aqua's legendary 90s pop hit, Barbie Girl]. You have to have Barbz on the Barbie soundtrack, for sure. Her or Ashnikko, I feel like we could make a very chaotic Barbie song, and also in general that’s just like a dream collab of mine. Probably something about expensive cars and stealing money.”

Scene Queen released her latest single earlier today, titled Pink Push-Up Bra. You can read more from her in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, out now.

Merlin Alderslade
Executive Editor, Louder

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