Saxon promise ‘brutal’ sound on 21st album


Saxon frontman Biff Byford says the band’s 21st album will have a “brutal” sound.

They’ve started work on the follow-up to 2013’s Sacrifice with drummer Nigel Glockler. He was allowed to leave hospital last month following brain surgery in the wake of being diagnosed with an aneurysm during Saxon’s winter UK tour.

Byford tells Metal Wani: “He’s just done the drums on the album. He’s doing good, he’s working out and getting fit. I’m writing lyrics now and doing melodies.

“It’s a mixture of rock and roll and heavy metal, as always. Some tracks are going to be brutal and other tracks are going to be about driving motorcycles and having sex and fun. So it’s a mixture again.

“We can’t seem to make our minds up what we are. We’re either a classic rock band or a full-on metal band. So I think it’s good. We’re one of the unique bands in that position.”

He continues: “We’re looking at maybe a summer release – it just depends whether it’s ready or not. We’re looking at finishing the album by the end on April. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.”

Saxon are lined up to play at the TeamRock-sponsored Ramblin’ Man Fair in Kent this July, and will appear at Hard Rock Hell in North Wales in November.