Satan wants a new song from Ghost, and these internet piss-takers think they've cracked Tobias Forge's secret formula

Gear Gods
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Ghost's Tobias Forge is a man of many secrets; always one step ahead, the visionary frontman is continuously working away behind the scenes, writing music for future albums despite already having multiple projects on the go at the same time.

It's fair to assume then, that whatever songwriting process Forge has adopted is one that by now, is pretty slick and streamlined. And music equipment company Gear Gods think they have cracked the code on how exactly Ghost get down to it, and have written their own 'tribute' track in the same style as a demonstration.

The video is, of course, heavy on the comedy factor, with the Gear God team cosplaying as Papa (aka Tobias Forge) and the Nameless Ghouls, pretending to be the band at work in the studio.

Using a questionable Swedish accent, the main man mimics Forge and tries to get his mischievous backing band to do exactly as he says as they attempt to write a new song that has been requested by their overlord, Satan.

"The first thing we have to do is pick the tempo", Papa proclaims, before the band band break out in collective laughter. "Just kidding its going to be 1/30 just like every song we write".

When deciding on a guitar riff, "Papa" suggests that they play one inspired by Slayer, but "slower". 

After several minutes of building each part of the track and delivering hilarious commentary, "Ghost" come away with the finished product, titled The Gaudy Cross.

And when they perform the song, it really does sound spookily like the real thing. 

Users in the comments are similarly amused, with one viewer writing: "I am convinced this is actually Tobias Forge pretending to be someone else pretending to be Tobias Forge pretending to be the Papa".

While another says: "The skit itself was well worth the praise already. I was not expecting there to be an actual song at the end though, so I was blown away by the accuracy of the whole thing! I hear elements from Rats, Monstrance Clock, Square Hammer, Dance Macabre, everything is written perfectly!"

Check it out below:

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