Sabo amused by Skid Row fans who expect to see Bach


Skid Row’s Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo finds it “amusing” that some fans still turn up to gigs expecting to see Sebastian Bach.

The guitarist says some fans who are “out of the loop” might not realise Bach left the band in 1996 and that vocal duties are now handled by Johnny Solinger.

But Sabo says he is comfortable with that, as long as the fans don’t leave the show feeling disappointed once they realise Bach isn’t involved.

Sabo tells Talk Is Jericho: “I find it amusing. I mean, you know what, how can you judge stupidity?

“Johnny, he’s fine with it. The thing is, he’s a singer of Skid Row with long, blond hair, and some people might not be aware – they’re just not in the loop. I get it. It’s fine.

“To me, it’s all a compliment regardless. It means at least they’re familiar with the band on some level, at least they recognise some of the songs, at least they’re taking a chance and coming to see it.

“Now if they walk away and they’re bummed, that sucks and I’m bummed about that, because that means I didn’t do my job to the best of my ability. But at least if they’re giving it a shot, it’s all good with me.”

Sabo said last year that he was not keen on the idea of a reunion with Bach, preferring to stick with Solinger who has fronted the band for 15 years.