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Rush drummer Neil Peart in 'great headspace'

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson reports that drummer Neil Peart is in a “very positive” phase of life, even though the band’s future remains in doubt.

Peart last year said that the description “retired drummer” applied to him, but frontman Geddy Lee later stated there was nothing final in his colleague’s words.

It’s thought likely that the band’s R40 tour of 2015 was their final large-scale road trip, partly because Peart doesn’t want to be separated from his family for long periods of time.

Lifeson tells Sound Opinions: “I know Neil’s in a great headspace now – he’s really enjoying his life and he feels great. He’s spending a lot of time with his daughter, doing the things he loves to do, with his health intact. So that’s a very positive thing.”

The guitarist admits Rush have no current plans, but adds: “Keep in mind that we had a year and a half off after the Clockwork Angels tour. We didn’t talk about anything to do with the band.

“I think we’re in a stage now where we’re taking some time, reconnecting with families and friends, pursuing other interests – and having some fun, really.

“I know Geddy and I love writing together. I’d like to think that we’ll do it until we’re very old men, instead of just mostly old men.”

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