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Rock fans die in club explosion

At least 27 rock fans and many more have been injured in an explosion at a club venue in Bucharest, Romania.

It’s thought a pyrotechnic display set fire to the stage during a concert by Romanian band Goodbye To Gravity, leading to a blaze that raged through the premises.

Up to 400 people were in the Colectiv club at the time and some remain unaccounted for.

Emergency services were on the scene within 10 minutes and victims are being treated at 10 hospitals throughout the city. Authorities declared a code red situation, requiring off-duty medical staff to attend. Eyewitness video shows survivors receiving attention on the streets outside Colectiv, with a fleet of ambulances in action.

Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea has said that the death toll is expected to rise to around 40 as rescue work continues, while 180 have been confirmed injured so far. Romanian president Klaus Iohannis said he was “shocked and saddened” and expressed his “full compassion” for the victims, vowing that a full investigation would follow.

Goodbye To Gravity are an award-winning five-piece metal band, formed in 2011 by members of Thunderstorm and TV talent search winner Andrei Galut. They’re signed to Universal Records Romania.