Rob Reed and Les Penning release new Christmas song The Lonely Goatherd

Rob Reed & Les Penning
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Robert Reed and Les Penning have unveiled this year's seasonal offering with a joyous romp through The Lonely Goatherd from the classic 1965 film The Sound Of Music. You can watch their new video below.

The song is taken from a new six track EP, The Goat Of Christmas Past, which is available now through Tigermoth Records which features six new recordings, including three composed by Reed and Penning.

"As if by magic, our annual Christmas CD has arrived," enthuses Mike Oldfield collaborator Penning. "The Goat of Christmas Past, yes, it really is called The Goat of Christmas Past! It consists of six tracks featuring a goat, as the title might suggest, the goat’s minder, and a very high hill. The last track continues the creature theme with the machinations of an amorous frog. In between there is a tune sometimes used for All Things Bright And Beautiful but is, in fact, a piece included, like Portsmouth in Playford’s Complete Dancing Master collection. Then there are two lovely original pieces by Robert reflecting on differing aspects and poignant feelings at Christmas time."

"The Sound Of Music Soundtrack was the one of the first two albums I had as a child; along with Tubular Bells," adds Reed. "Both have had a big influence on my musical journey. I think Rogers and Hammerstein created some amazing melodies for that film. I know it’s most probably not cool to admit, but I love the film and its music. We’re always looking for something to make our own as a Christmas release so I suggested this track to Les a few months ago. We did a demo and I knew it was a winner."

The new EP also features Reed's Magenta band mate Christina Booth on vocals. You can see the new artwork and tracklisting below.

Pre-order The Goat Of Christmas Past.

Rob Reed & Les Penning

(Image credit: Tigermoth Records)

Les Penning & Robert Reed: The Goat Of Christmas Past
1. The Lonely Goatherd
2. Dawn Dancing
3. All Things Bright
4. Evening Snow
5. Foggy

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