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Rob Halford ready for next chapter

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford says he’s ready to get back into making music after the success of 17th studio outing Redeemer Of Souls.

And he reveals the band have a “hunger” to produce something special on their next album.

The Metal God tells Billboard: “There’s a sense there’s another great metal song to write, another great metal album to put together, and another great tour to go out on.

“It’s the hunger – if you’ve still got that, it serves a series of purposes and reasons why you still do it. Maybe we’re chasing the elusive finale, but right now I feel like it’s amazing to think what might come next.

“I’m ready to jump into the next Judas Priest album.”

Halford also reveals he finds it heartening to see the “old guard” thriving in the current music scene.

He adds: “It’s remarkable, isn’t it? What’s really heartwarming is the fact the so-called old guard of metal and rock are still as strong and thriving as we ever were.

“I have very close friends like Black Sabbath who released a fantastic metal album in 13 and went out on a huge world tour. Then you get Iron Maiden, then bands like Metallica.

“All the bands that have been making this music for a very long time are still as strong and relevant as they ever were. So we’re part of some very good company.”

The frontman previously stated he believes Redeemer Of Souls will be “revered” in years to come and insisted they will never write a tell-all book as it would distract fans from their music.