Rival Sons aren't Led Zep says Beste


Rival Sons bassist Dave Beste rejects the idea that his band are the new Led Zeppelin – but he agrees that they’re carrying the weight of trying to save rock’n’roll.

The band’s latest album, Great Western Valkyrie, was named 2014 album of the year by Classic Rock readers, and they’re receiving rave reviews on their continuing world tour.

Beste tells WikiMetal: “We always hear Led Zeppelin – but even before I was in Rival Sons I never associated with Led Zeppelin.”

Asked about their 70s sound he responds: “We don’t think of ourselves that way. When we go into the studio, the way we record is more of a traditional 60s or 70s way.

“But when we’re writing songs, we’re not thinking, ‘Let’s write stuff that sounds like the 70s.’ We’re just writing songs we like. Maybe they come across that way because of the way we record them.”

The band are proud to carry the flag for rock’n’roll – but Beste adds: “I don’t think we’re going out there with that mission in mind. We’re just doing what we do.

“All over the world people are saying, ‘I thought rock’n’roll had died, and you guys are keeping it alive and renewed my faith.’

“I don’t know that we’d like to self-proclaim, but we’re hearing it everywhere we go.”

Rival Sons play the inaugural Ramblin Man Fair at Mote Park, Kent, on July 25-26 alongside The Scorpions, Gregg Allman, Seasick Steve, Dream Theater, Camel, Marillion, Randy Bachman, Shooter Jennings and many others.