Riot V issue Ride Hard Live Free

Riot V have issued a lyric video for Ride Hard Live Free, the second single from their 2014 album Unleash The Fire.

Released last October via SPV/Steamhammer, the project is dedicated to the last original member, Mark Reale, who founded the band in New York City in 1975 and passed away in 2012 following a lifelong battle with Crohn’s disease.

Riot V’s current lineup includes singer Todd Michael Hall, guitarists Mike Flyntz and Nick Lee, bassist Don Van Stavern and drummer Frank Gilchriest.

Hall spoke with about how Reale’s death affected the band and the direction they took on Unleash The Fire.

He says: “I feel like I have an outsider’s perspective on this type of question, because I did not know Mark. I can tell you that Donne, Mike, and even Frank talk about Mark a lot, which makes the loss very apparent. In some ways, I feel like I know Mark now because I have met his father and heard so many stories about him.

“We definitely talked about the need to create an album that would make Mark proud and we are concerned about shedding a positive light on his legacy. As for the song writing, I think Mark’s passing gave Donnie and Mike inspiration to include other types of songs that spanned the career of Riot and not just to stay just within the ‘Thundersteel’ sound for this album.”

Riot V performed on last month’s 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise and just completed a series of European shows; more tour dates are available at