Red Dragon Cartel singer unsure of permanent role


Red Dragon Cartel’s fifth singer in a year, Shawn Crosby, admits he’s not sure whether he’ll land the role permanently.

Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E Lee has struggled with securing a lineup, with five vocalists having fronted the band over the past four months.

Crosby, formerly of Jones Street, tells Rock N Roll Experience: “I thought I was retiring – I was in LA for 30 years and I moved back to my home town in Virginia.

“Anthony Esposito, the bass player, called me up and said they needed somebody quick. I’d opened a skate shop, but I closed it up and came out on tour, and I’ve been on tour since.”

Asked whether he’s a permanent fixture, he replies: “I don’t know – we’ll see. They say ‘fifth time’s the charm.’”

He’s hoping his connection with the late Ray Gillen, Lee’s colleague in 90s outfit Badlands, will help. “I was really good friends with Ray,” says Crosby.

“We used to write lyrics together a lot. It’s really good to be able to walk in his footsteps now. It’s very spiritual for me and I’m having a great time doing it.”

He adds of guitar icon Lee: “Jake is amazing. He’s a quiet guy – he keeps to himself, but he’s an amazing person.

“The whole band’s almost like a family. It’s all meshed really well together.”

Red Dragon Cartel just completed a US tour and head to Japan in September.