Ratts in legal fight over name


Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini has launched legal action against drummer Bobby Blozter over use of the band name.

DeMartini has alleged Blotzer has taken control of the title while they both own half of it, and wants him to stop “trying to take over the band.”

The drummer last month changed his new outfit’s title from Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt Experience to simply Ratt.

A press release explained: “After a five year battle over trademark issues, doing everything he could to appease and re-assemble the band, Blotzer has taken control and is taking his multi-platinum Ratt back on the road.”

The lineup includes singer Josh Alan, guitarists Blaze and Doc Ellis, and bassist Scotty Griffin.

DeMartini later reported that the pair discussed the plans, and the guitarist asked him not to use their band name, explaining: “I said I had no problem with him playing songs he recorded with Ratt, but I didn’t agree to him using the name in the title.”

Now DeMartini says in his lawsuit: “In essence, Blotzer wants to hijack the name. Blotzer intends to fool Ratt’s fans by touring with himself and a group of imposters calling themselves Ratt.”

He further alleges that Blotzer is putting his interests ahead of those of the band, and seeks a court order preventing the drummer from acting in the band name, or in the name of the company the pair own together.

Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy this year shut the door on making one last album with the band, saying: “The time has passed.”

Meanwhile, Juan Croucier recently announced his own band, called Ratt’s Juan Croucier, billed as “the other voice of Ratt.”