Rammstein respond to fan’s allegations that she was drugged at a pre-show party attended by Till Lindemann

Rammstein in a wind tunnel
(Image credit: Bryan Adams/Universal Music)

Rammstein have responded to an online allegation from a fan that she was drugged at a party attended by singer Till Lindemann before the band’s recent show in Vilnius.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, a fan named Shelby Lynn alleges that her drinks were spiked at a ‘pre-party’ at Vingis Park in the Lithunian capital on May 22, 2023, leaving her physically bruised and vomiting for more than 24 hours. She also alleges that she refused to have sex with Lindemann in a below-stage room during the show’s intermission, angering the singer.

The band have responded with a statement on social media denying the allegations. The statement reads: “With regard to the allegations circulating on the internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment. We are not aware of any official investigations into this matter.”

In her Twitter thread, Lynn details her experiences of the evening. She claims that she had been picked to attend the party by Joe Letz, drummer with the Rammstein singer’s side-project Lindemann.

Lynn goes on to allege that, after drinking a “small Red Bull/vodka and a Prosecco“ and a shot of Tequila, she began to feel “like a human zombie, singing, dancing, but also stumbling tripping.”

She subsequently alleges that she was taken to meet Lindemann in a room beneath the stage during the show’s intermission, where she told the singer she would not have sex with him. She claims he responded angrily, storming out of the room.

She goes on to detail the rest of the evening, including memory loss and vomiting. She adds that, on returning to her hotel, she discovered that she had suffered physical bruising, posting photographs as evidence. She also claims to have felt the after effects of the drugs for more than 24 hours, including hallucinations.

Lynn does not specify who she claims allegedly drugged her.

Rammstein have denied the allegations and no police charges have been filed at the time of writing.

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