Watch three different contestants on The Voice stun judges with jaw-dropping Rammstein covers

A contestant on the Voice, and Till Lindemann on stage
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While we usually think of the The Voice as being a vocal competition reserved for pop singers, over the years, there has in fact been a smattering of vocalists with much heavier leanings, who more often than not dazzle the judges with their mighty chops.

For example, earlier this year, Amin Yahyazadeh, frontman of Iranian deathcore group Out of Nowhere, took home the gold on The Voice Persia's debut season, taking home $50,000 and a record deal with Platinum Records.

Sadly, during the show, Yahyazadeh didn't get to flaunt his vocal skills fully (that's right, he didn't actually get to scream), and mostly sang the more pop-orientated songs of his country. 

Fortunately, the competition's first round, aka the Blind auditions, allows contestants to express themselves more authentically and chose their own songs, instead of being governed by the whims of coaches. 

The creative freedom of these initial auditions has given way to plenty of more eclectic and entertaining performances, such as these three Rammstein covers which saw the judges totally enamoured - and a little disturbed - by what they were hearing.

For Ukraine's version of The Voice during its eighth season in 2018, a lad named Oleksiy Baklan took to the stage, and delivered a robust and powerful version of Rammstein's 2001 track Mein Herz Brennt. His performance was so startling in fact, that his mighty bellow was incredibly reminiscent of Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann himself, complete with a thick, smoky, growl-like rasp.

Other head-turning Rammstein renditions saw a young Natalie enter the The Voice Kids, Germany in 2017 with Ohne Dich, and Florin Ilinca with Du Hast all the way back in 2013 on The Voice Romania, the latter of which prompted one judge to get out of his seat and rock out in full Lindemann fashion.

Check out the performances below, which were compiled by Global Talents over on YouTube.

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