Deathcore vocalist wins The Voice Persia

Amin Yahyazadeh of Out Of Nowhere
(Image credit: Out Of Nowhere)

Earlier this month, a heavy music fan shocked American Idol judges after performing a particularly exuberant rendition of Dio's Holy Diver. Sadly, the panel were not impressed.Over in Iran, however, it looks like rock and metal is having a far better reception on their version of The Voice.

In fact, this year, in The Voice Persia's very first season, a deathcore vocalist came in at first place. The singer in question was Amin Yahyazadeh, a singer/songwriter with Iranian deathcore group Out of Nowhere, who mesmerised judges with his multi-octave range and dazzling clean vocals. Yes, sadly he left his screaming talents at home; although we imagine guttural screams and the occasional 'blegh' may not have gone down too well on such a mainstream franchise usually reserved for pop singers. Nevertheless, the vocalist managed to outshine his fellow contestants, singing songs in musical styles far removed from his own genre of choice.

Since Yahyazadeh's victory, his Instagram followers have shot up from 5,000 to a massive 130,000, and for his prize, he won $50,000 and a record deal with Platinum Records.

Over on his Instagram account, the singer reflects on his experience and offers (translated from Persian to English): "This competition is over and I learned so many new things during this program. I got to know good-voiced talents. I saw tears and smiles from a short but deep friendship. Fighting to achieve the goal. Stories of immigrants interested in music and… this period of my life, despite all its difficulties, was very sweet and memorable for me.

"I hope to see the success of my artist friends whom I met in this program day by day and be proud of them. It was an honour to be with great artists like @leilaforouhar, @isogand, @kamyarmusic. I was and in the end I am a unique coach @bijan_mortazavi_original who laboured compassionately so that we could win this competition. If I won this competition, I owe it only to my wife, who supported me in this competition @fa.temehbaqeri

"Thank you very much for supporting the program from the beginning and giving me a lot of energy".

View videos of Yahyazadeh's performances below:

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