Stephen Pearcy confirms his 4th solo album


Former Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy has confirmed his fourth solo album, Smash, will be released early next year.

It’s to be headed up with the launch of a single called I Can’t Take It, expected before the end of the month.

Pearcy and his band the Rat Bastards wrote 25 songs before choosing which ones to track. He recently said: “Until I have the best to pick from I won’t put the record out. The songs we have are so good we had no choice but to record as many as possible.”

The vocalist quit Ratt in April and later said: “30 years is enough time to be in something that’s so volatile.” But he added that he’d return to make one more album if his former colleagues agreed. “If it’s the four original guys, that would be cool,” he said. “If not, you’ll get what you got before. We’ll see.”

Drummer Bobby Blotzer reacted to Pearcy’s departure earlier this year by accusing him of being “delusional” – but added that he’d welcome “the nice Stephen” back into the fold.