Qello Concerts World Tour is your All Access Pass to the best live performances from rock’s most legendary acts

It’s been a year since we’ve been able to go out and see live music, but with Qello Concerts we get to not only experience our favorite artists performing onstage, but, now, also watch them do it from anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Qello Concerts World Tour, which allows you to hit the road and see the world with some of rock’s most legendary acts. Whether it’s Santana in Mexico, Aerosmith in Tokyo or Queen in Montreal, Qello has your one-way ticket to rock!

The Qello Concerts World Tour three-week itinerary, brought to you by PodPockets, runs from April 12 to May 2, and presents some of the best concerts ever filmed in 23 countries and on 65 stages – all from the comfort of your own home.

Also included is VIP access to 12 free shows, from Bon Jovi in New York City to Hall & Oates in Sydney, and B.B. King in Africa to Guns N’ Roses in London.

Want to hop on the tour bus? Simply head to stingray.com/tour and prepare to hit the road. And if you invite fans to come along and RSVP to the event in time for the April 12 launch, you’ll receive 75 percent off a one-month subscription.

Head here for all your Qello Concerts needs, and then get ready to rock with your All Access Pass to Qello Concerts World Tour!