Please Jesus, our sweet lord, make this Gwen Stefani country album a real thing

No Doubt
(Image credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

Look, we get it, there are chuckles to be had from the idea of Gwen Stefani taking a career left-turn and reworking her biggest songs in a country-rock style, but wait… is this really such a bad idea?

In a sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, No Doubt vocalist Stefani is born again as a country singer, and performs Don’t Speak, Spiderwebs and her excellent 2004 solo single Hollaback Girl in a country style, with fiddles and banjos a-sawing and yee-hawing in the background. Most entertaining – we duly Laughed Our Fucking Asses Off, or whatever ‘the kids’ say these days – but then we listened again to that countrified version of Hollaback Girl and thought, ‘Hmmmm…. This kinda works.’ 

So, the petition starts here. Make Gwen’s Gone Country a thing, Jimmy Iovine or whoever sorts this kind of shit out and throws the big bucks around. It’s not like 2020 can get any weirder…