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Patty Walters: Woodley YouTube rant was right

As It Is vocalist and YouTuber Patty Walters has voiced support for Hands Like Houses counterpart Trenton Woodley’s rant about vloggers.

Woodley recently described YouTubers as “exceptionally mediocre as journalists or public personalities,” adding: “They do not perform. They do not further an art.”

Walters – whose videos have notched up over 26 million views – tells TeamRock: “I agree with the majority of that statement. I met Trenton and I also know YouTubers very well. I respect him for saying that.”

He continues: “I understand why he feels media doesn’t deserve that kind of glorification, to the extent that it diminishes from the music.

“It did resonate with me – and I say that as someone who comes from that world.”

He says of his own history: “I never considered myself as a YouTuber. Being in a band was always the end goal for me.”

As It Is tour Japan then North America in the coming weeks, as they continue to support their album Never Happy, Ever After, launched last year.