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Paramore Hayley to be named music Trailblazer

Hayley Williams is to be honoured with the first ever Trailblazer prize at the upcoming Billboard Women In Music Awards.

The Paramore singer is being recognised for her work in blazing a trail for other talent and for her success with the band, as well as for “breaking from convention to make a unique mark in music.”

Now in its ninth year, the Billboard awards takes place in New York on December 12.

Williams tells Billboard: “I can remember a time when I would’ve been made fun of for doing things differently. Now I’m getting an award for it? This is too much.

“I’m so excited. There are women in this industry who totally bulldozed walls down for the likes of me to come along and do what I believe in. I want to be that for even one girl in the future. I can’t wait for the event next month and to high-five some of my sisters in music.”

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grancde are among the other artists to be honoured at the event.

Billboard boss Janice Min says: “Trailblazers like Hayley are exciting to follow because they are risk takers, and we are pleased to honour her creativity and success this year.

“We’ve watched her progress and climb the charts as a soloist and lead singer for several years, and we look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.”

Paramore’s most recent release was 2013’s self-titled album.