Paradise Lost could growl again


Paradise Lost have written nine songs for their 14th album – and keyboardist Adrian Erlandsson says frontman Nick Holmes could return to the growling vocal delivery of the band's early years.

He refuses to confirm any specifics of the follow-up to 2012’s Tragic Idol, but he reports work is well underway.

Erlandsson tells Rock Overdose: “They’re quite a lot heavier than Tragic Idol. I think some people will be surprised.”

And he hints that Holmes – who’s just been confirmed as vocalist for death metal supergroup Bloodbath – could move away from his softer singing style of recent outings.

Asked whether the vocals will mainly be clean or scream, the keyboardist says: “I can’t say because it’s only demo, so far. I think they will probably be a mixture. You can’t tell until they’ve been recorded. They may be one thing in the demos, but when you come to do the album it becomes something else.”

Paradise Lost play two shows in Europe later this month and appear at the Helldone Festival in Finland on December 29.