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Ozzy lends name to Amazon bat-frog

A new frog species of frog that sounds like a bat has been named after Ozzy Osbourne.

Scientists discovered the tiny creature in the Brazilian Amazon and noticed its unusual, bat-like call – which led them to name it after the Black Sabbath frontman who famously bit the head off a bat in 1982.

The frog was named Dendropsophus ozzyi by the scientists who discovered it. One of them, Pedro Peloso, tells National Geographic: “As soon as I heard its call, I knew it was a new species. I had never heard anything like it.

“We kept talking about the ‘bat frog,’ which led to us talking about being fans of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath.”

Peloso and colleagues found the 0.75-inch amphibian in 2009 as part of a survey of Floresta Nacional de Pau-Rosa.

During the expedition, the team found 21 specimens of the brown-and-orange creature, which has long, delicate fingers and toes.

The male frogs also have an unusually large vocal sac that inflates to produce its unique high-pitched chirping sound.

Ozzy was named Global Icon at last night’s MTV EMA awards show in Glasgow. The prize was presented to him by Slash.