Nu-metal band Silly Goose deliver ripping performance in Subway store as people wait in line for sandwiches

Silly Goose band in Subway
(Image credit: Silly Goose)

Recently, there's been a growing trend of bands delivering performances in unexpected locations. Whether it's at a drive-thru, in the middle of a bookstore or out in the wilderness in front of a field of cows, musicians are capturing the attention of new audiences by putting on shows in the most unlikely of places. Plus, it makes for a pretty amusing watch for us onlookers at home.

The latest band to confuse the internet with their choice of gig location is a nu-metal band called Silly Goose. If their name isn't already a giveaway, this is a band that don't seem to take themselves too seriously, which might explain the fact that they chose a Subway sandwich store to deliver one of their latest performances.

As viewable on their Instagram account, Silly Goose tear through a serving of heavy nu-metal, with some ferocious screams over the top. As their frontman stomps around the building, the camera pans to a Subway staff member, who is quietly making a sandwich for someone waiting in line. It's certainly a strange scenario, and one that we'd honestly welcome the next time we're hungry for a cheeky foot-long. 

Under the video, the Atlanta-based band write the caption: “What Sandwich do you think he got? @subway Check us out on Spotify and Apple Music”.

Previously, Silly Goose have performed on their own constructed stage out in the street, as well as outside a venue as Maryland hardcore punk's Turnstile played inside. 

Check it out below:

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