Nihility stream new album Imprisoned Eternal in full


Southampton death metallers Nihility are streaming their new debut album Imprisoned Eternal in full.

Following a demo, an EP and numerous line-up changes, the band are finally releasing their first full-length on Friday August 11, via Rage.

Speaking to Hammer, the band say they’re excited to release an album that “consists of the most aggressive, mature and dynamic material that we have written thus far.”

The band go on to say they are influenced by many bands, both in and out of the UK hardcore scene in which they grew. Taking in elements of “ 90s death metal and metallic hardcore through to grind.”

Speaking about the album, Nihility say that Imprisoned Eternal explores the themes of war and religion, but also isolation, suicide and the futility of existence.

“In a world where we are more connected than ever, we have become increasingly solitary and disenfranchised, forced into a metaphorical prison where we are defined only by how others see us,” say the band. “Imprisoned Eternal seeks to traverse these themes as an observation of the human condition.”

Imprisoned Eternal is available from August 11 and is available via Rage in the UK and BBMA in Europe.

Nihility are touring the UK with Jesus Piece this month. Dates in the poster below.

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