Nightwish's Floor Jansen releases the theatrical and uplifting ballad Storm

(Image credit: Tim Tronckoe)

Nightwish frontwoman Floor Jansen has returned with a second solo single, Storm.

In similar vein to the previously-released Fire, Storm captures Jansen in a whole new light, and sounds drastically more radio-friendly than ever before. 

Starting off with delicate, spacious piano chords and Jansen's eloquently-delivered vocals, the song soon flourishes into a striking and dramatic crescendo. Altogether, it's a fist-thrusting, heart-felt power ballad that could easily take centre stage at the West End or Broadway, wind machines and all.

On whether these new songs will appear on an album in the future, the Dutch powerhouse told FaceCulture earlier this month: "There are a lot more songs ready. There's not an album ready, but also because it would make no sense to have one."

Speaking of why the idea of making an album wasn't initially on her mind, she continues, "Due to the pandemic, there's an entire Nightwish album still not done and still yet to be done; as it looks like, we actually are gonna do that now.

"So before that, I cannot say, 'Okay, I come [out] with a solo album.' 'Cause then you also would like to do some more [solo] shows and do the right promotion and all of that, so there's no time for that — which is a luxury problem on itself. But it's fun. And that's also a big difference with this pop music thing — you can release singles. It's not an album-based world; it's completely different."

Jansen went on to call Fire "a statement" and "the kick-off of everything. And from there I'll keep releasing singles. And the aim is to release the album in '23. But the ambition is there. And everything is geared up to do that."

Listen to Storm below:

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