Neurosis frontman Kelly’s wife in health alert


The friends of Neurosis frontman Scott Kelly have launched a donation appeal after his wife Sarah lost the ability to see and move as a result of an undiagnosed illness.

She’s been in hospital since March 24 after waking up with the symptoms. While her vision has returned, she’s still not able to walk, and tests are continuing.

Over $35,000 have been donated via the Kellys’ GoFundMe page to assist with medical bills.

Karrie Morton, who’s running the campaign, says: “Doctors are still not able to identify an exact diagnosis. She has begun rehabbing in the hospital, but it’s slow going.

“While most people know Scott from Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot and Corrections House, his most cherished role is that of a father and husband. As he stays close to Sarah at this time, medical bills and every day living costs are building.”

She adds: “Sarah and Scott are overwhelmed and so appreciative of your generosity. While Sarah’s spirit is strong, she’s now been in the hospital for six days. More tests are coming so please keep sending Sarah your healing thoughts.”