Schon streams El Matador


Journey guitarist Neal Schon has premiered his track El Matador with TeamRock.

It’s taken from double-disc all-instrumental album Vortex, which will be released via Mascot Label Group on June 23. It features keyboardist Jan Hammer and former Journey drummer Steve Smith.

Schon says: “I’ve always aspired to be a better player and push musical boundaries. This album is really me – all based on my guitar, which is my voice.”

He adds: “I’ve evolved as a person and a player though understanding the value of being in the moment, letting things happen and not thinking too much.

“There’s an old blues saying – ‘If you’re thinkin’you’re stinkin.’ When you stop thinking and just play from the heart, you discover your voice. That’s the real thing, and that’s what Vortex is about for me.”

The album is available for pre-order now.



  1. Miles Beyond

  2. Awakening

  3. Cuban Fly Zone

  4. El Matador

  5. Eternal Love

  6. In A Cloud

  7. Irish Cream

  8. Lady M (Our Love Remains)

  9. Airliner NS910


  1. Tortured Souls

  2. Schon & Hammer Now

  3. NS Vortex

  4. Unspoken Faith

  5. Twilight † Spellbound

  6. Triumph Of Love

  7. Mom

  8. Talk To Me

  9. White Light